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Our Process

What makes Nuvo Development stand out from other self-storage developers? A combination of talented individuals from various organizations working as one team is the starting poin

Site Selection

Knowledge + experience + information = success

We work with some of the largest commercial real estate firms in the world to identify potential sites that meet our specific criteria. Each site is then put through a rigorous multi-step civil, architectural and zoning review by our team ensuring that the site meets our criteria.

Site Acquisition


We work toward reaching terms with the landowner under a Letter of Intent and then a contract. We take special care to manage this process and expectations of landowners to assure we reach entitlements for the projects prior to closing.

Due Diligence

Identify and solve underlying issues

By devising a plan of action for each property, our team takes an aggressive approach in identifying and addressing any pre-development issues, while working with the local jurisdictions in a collaborative effort to ensure that the entitlement and plan approval process is as efficient as possible.


It all begins with a block drawing

Our goal is to maximize the net rentable square footage based on the information gathered during due diligence, including the submarket characteristics and end-user experience, which is our main focus.


Value driven design

With so many developments coming down the pipeline, the project needs to meet the satisfaction of the local community, the budget and end-user experience and demands.


On time and on Budget

We pride ourselves on providing a complete, accurate and detailed set of plans and specs to ensure that the construction process focuses on competitive bidding from able and experienced subcontractors.

“We are the leading self-storage firm in the United States. There is no stopping us.”

Gary Cardamone, Owner & CEO


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